Think BIG

Think BIG

Here at COT we encourage our customers to go BIG with their ideas, so we can go BIG with our service.

From the big companies to the small business owners to the individual customers, every time you think print, think marketing. Often times marketing is treated like the 'red headed step-child' but cohesive, appealing and consistent interactions with your customers can create more consistent business for you than the best 'Sales' sign. 

Three rules for success

Make no mistake. Thinking Big has less to do with the amount you spend on print and more to do with the level of thought and care you place into how you 'speak' to your customers. Here at COT we have three rules for every customer to help you think BIG;

rule 0

Change the way you think about print

rule 1

Change the way you communicate with your customers

rule 2

Change the way you market your products & services

We want to be your partners in every move along the thinking endeavor, so take a look at 'What We Do' and get a feel for 'Who we Are', because in the world which is constantly communicating only those who Think BIG are heard.